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Friends of SVBS


Birdrock Tropicals 
The major focus of owner, Pam Koide Hyatt, has been on exploring plants in their natural habitat, which allowed her to grow and introduce into cultivation many plants that had not been available in the market prior to her production. She began hybridizing and growing air plants from seed in 1985. The nursery (which takes its name from a local rock near La Jolla, CA) is now focused on continuing to produce new and unusual tillandsia species and hybrids. 

Always the dreamer and adventurer, he started Tropiflora in the early '70s as an outgrowth of a bromeliad collecting hobby. A "hobby gone bad" he says. Collecting and exploring were always his first interests in the plant world and over the years he and Linda have vi
sited over 25 countries on more than 100 trips and expeditions. 

Rainforest Flora
Our plants are produced at two facilities in N
orth San Diego County, California. The total horizontal growing space for the plants is almost 300,000 square feet and the Tillandsias in the various stages of growth number in the millions making Rainforest Flora, Inc. the largest producer of Tillandsias in North America and one of the largest in the world.

Davis Farms Wholesale


Davis Farms grows over 300 species/hybrids. In addition to Tillandsias, they sell materials to display the plants.  And they have Tilly wire and fertilizer. Shop and order for  $100 minimum on their easy to maneuver website. You will be charged sales tax if you do not have a wholesale resale number. Shipping is available or pick up at the nursery. Located at 603 Union St. Encinitas, CA 92024 (619-488-2171)



  1. Bromeliad Society International 
    The purposes of this society are to promote and maintain public and scientific interest in the research, development, preservation, and distribution of bromeliads, both natural and hybrid, throughout the world. 


  2. Southern California Carnivorous Plant Society 

    Is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting the discussion, growing and fellowship around all things Carnivorous Plants! We welcome the hobby grower as well as industry professionals. Please check out our meeting dates/events posted at the top. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletters to stay up to date on all the details of meetings!  


  3. California Rare Fruit Growers OC 
    is a membership of like-minded amateur fruit enthusiasts dedicated to:  Growing fruiting plants that may or may not be commonly found in the Orange County area. Sharing information about fruits potentially adaptable to the Orange County area and varieties of established fruit better suited to specific areas and growing conditions. Exchanging seeds, cuttings, scion wood, and plants with each other, primarily for home use/growing. Providing scholarships to deserving college students in the field of agriculture/horticulture. Following all federal, state, and county agricultural regulations.


  4. Fascination of Orchids 
    Fascination of Orchids is a Non Profit organization managed by a group of orchid enthusiasts who give seminars and put on shows.


  5. Santa Ana Zoo 
    This charming Zoo features over 80 species of animals, including some of the smallest monkeys in the world, the Golden Headed Lion Tamarins. The Zoo is a place to play, a place to learn and a place to spend time with your family.


  6. Searchers Gem and Mineral Society 
    The Searchers Gem and Mineral Society of Anaheim welcomes a new affiliation with the Saddleback Valley Bromeliad Society.  The Searchers Members have an endless supply of beautiful rocks, and the Bromeliad society has an endless supply of exotic plants. When they are combined, both create a surprisingly, compelling sculpture. The Searchers Society was incorporated in 1958, and offers a weekly lapidary workshop with large lapidary saws, tabletop grinding and polishing wheels, a gem and mineral library, prospecting field trips, in-person and Zoom meetings, and an annual Rock, Gem and Mineral Show at the Anaheim Brookhurst Community Center. 

7. Long Beach Amateur Orchid Society 

Long Beach Amateur Orchid Society is a non-profit organization formed to promote appreciation of orchids and to provide a source of information, education, and support for all orchid enthusiasts, whether they are novices or experts. Come and join us at our monthly meetings and meet members that range from dedicated growers with hundreds of orchids to beginners who just want to keep a few plants alive. Hear informative speakers and see demonstrations designed for orchid growers of all levels.


  1. Bromeliads.Info 
    Here at, we work hard to provide you with the latest and greatest information on a variety of bromeliad topics. Whether you are an experienced bromeliad grower or a novice that would like to increase your knowledge of bromeliad care, we aim to provide you with information to meet you at any level.

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